World Heritage Festival

Lecture evening with renowned mountaineers followed by a podium discussion on the subject of: "Faster, higher, further! Quo Vadis Alpinism?“

Alpinism In Days Gone By
The village of Sesto is an important location in the history of alpinism. The first ascent of the Cima Grande took place in 1869 by no less a climber than the Sesto mountain guide and chamois hunter, Franz Innerkofler, and his guest, the Viennese academic, Paul Grohmann. At that time, mountain guiding and alpinism were only just emerging. Some time later, between 1874 and 1881, another Sesto native, Michl Innerkofler, conquered the Croda dei Toni, the Cima Ovest and the Cima Piccola.
...The Present Day
Today when we think of first ascents by famous mountaineers, aspects such as marketing, sponsors and social media immediately come to mind. These days merely being difficult to climb is a long way from being enough. Men and women must also know how to market themselves through multimedia presentations, films, and, of course, social media channels. Recognition and level of familiarity on the scene have become important engines of alpinism. But looked at more closely, is it possible that the same aspects were important in the past too? It is high time we asked, "What does alpinism mean in the 21st century?"

Vertical Arena 2002-2017
In 2002, during the International Year of the Mountains, Sesto held a specialist international forum on mountaineering and climbing. Well-known climbers and mountain guides from far and wide, sports doctors, philosophers, film makers and tourism experts assembled at the foot of the Sesto Dolomites. Fifteen years later the Vertical Arena is to be relaunched, and on Thursday, 8 June 2017, a completely new Vertical Arena will take to the stage.
Renowned mountaineers on the scene will be presenting their current first ascents over rock and ice at Sesto Conference Centre. An event the like of which has not been held in this form before. The protagonists will give an initial 20 minute-long keynote presentation of their current first as-cents. Subsequently these will be debated in a star-studded discussion round. Faster, higher, fur-ther! Quo Vadis Alpinism?
The aim of the "Sesto Vertical Arena" programme is to illuminate topics of interest in contempo-rary alpinism and draw the focus away from the past and on to current events. It should be fasci-nating!

World Heritage Festival
World Heritage Festival
The first World Heritage Festival will held in Sexten and this for a whole week.