Family path: Olperl alpine circuit for families  

Tour details
3.2 km
Difference in height:
83 m
End point:
2132 m
Start point:
2049 m
General description

An entertaining alpine circuit for the entire family!                                                             

Route description

The hiking trail starts right next to the Monte Elmo/Helm mountain station and invites visitors to meet Olperls best friends - in the realm of the animals' mountain world. The circular trail is 1 Mile long and is suitable for buggies. As you walk, you will come across 10 special and very exciting places - with fantastic views of the Sesto Dolomites.

barefooot: The highest barefoot trail in the Dolomites at 2,150 m above sea level is the healthy and enjoyable way to explore Olperl Nature Park. Soft moss, fragrant larch trees, stone slabs and shingle stimulate the foot refex zones, before you immerse your feet in the cool spring water.

Description to arrive at destination

From Sesto with the cable car to the Monte Elmo/Helm.

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