Circular hike Maistatt  

Tour details
4.8 km
Start and End:
1149 m
Parking lots are available at the station.
General description
Start and finish: Elementary School
Route: Starting from the school, we cross the square bridge and arrive at Von Kurz Square. In front of the City Hall, we take Jakob-Traunsteiner Street to the east, walking along it and also a short section of Johann-Jaeger Street to the "Roda-Platzl," the little "Roda" square.
We pass the railroad underpass to the first knoll of the road "Maistatt" (Maia Plain). We turn left, descend on the road skirting the railway eastward, cross the railway underpass to the "Graapach". Just before the bridge we go up on the right, still heading south to the road "Maistatt" and the bridge "Maiståtta Prugge"-on the left along the road the Holy Nepomuk pillar. Continuing along the road to Pian di Maia - to the right the "Noipruch" fields, to the left the "Graa" fields - eastward at first on a level path, then slightly uphill to the votive capital of the "Vierzan Noathelfa" and onward to "Maistått"- Pian di Maia. Beautiful historic building, and below the chapel of St. Nepomuk-behind the house the spring of the hot spring. Starting from it, westward the narrow forest path along the spring, past the manger and finally left on the forest path to the forest road at the "Reahwinkl". Beautiful view of the "Ratsberg" (Mount Rota) and St. Mary's, a place of pilgrimage. From the "Reahwinkl" we descend to the "Maiståtta-Prugge" bridge. From there on the left we follow the road "Maistatt" in the direction of the village - on the left the forest "Groaße Putzaran" to the "Ersto Gåtto/Kiagåtto" (Cat = fence).
We continue on the road past the railroad underpass to the "Roda-Platzl" and from there later back to the school.
Description to arrive at destination
You can reach Niederdorf/Villabassa by car, bus or train. Updated schedules are available at
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