Authorisation for mushroom picking - Community of Sexten/Sesto

6/12/2024 - To pick mushrooms - Sexten/Sesto (07:00 - 23:59)

Information about the event
07:00 - 23:59  
Ticket required
Registration required
8.80 € Daily ticket Price per person
By purchasing this ticket, you will receive a digital permit for mushroom picking in the community of Sexten/Sesto for the selected days, which you can print or digitally store on your smartphone.

In the event of a check by the forest guard, you must present this document together with your identity card.

Fee pursuant to Article 6 of the Provincial Law of 19 June 1991, No 18.

Collective permit: 8,00 € per person/day, 0,80€ service fee.