Dolomiti Ranger "a journey of discovery into the nature park"

8/9/2022 Hikes/trips Dobbiaco (09:30)

Information about the event
Ticket required
Nature Park House Three Peaks and vicinity - Dobbiaco
Registration required
within 5.30 pm of the previous day
Meeting place
Visitor Center Three Peaks
Where did the mountains come from and who gave them the name Dolomites? The Nature Park Visitor Center Tree Peaks is the best place to understand this. Here we see how these mountains were formed, what life there was then and what will happen in the future.
Once we understand this we go out into nature. There are many things to discover on the hike to Lake of Dobbiaco. As a tool for discovery and research, you get a Bug Viewer Box (Insect Microscope) as a gift! Young ranger should always have one in their backpack! In the afternoon all natural scientists are awarded the Dolomiti Ranger diploma.

Expert: My name is Cristina and I have a degree in forestry and work in the Three Peaks Visitor Center. My co-workers and I can not wait to share our passion and knowledge with you so you can discover and learn many new things.

bilingual offer: german and italian;

Participation Children (7-12 years) + parents (parents free):
1 day: 15.- € per child
2 days: 20.- € per child

Meeting place: Nature Park House Drei Zinnen

Registration: within 17.30 of the previous day

What do I take with me?
Walking boots, sunscreen, hiking clothes, rain gear, lunch packed and something to drink for the h