Mountain Guides Drei Zinnen Sexten: Guided hike or individual tours

10/21/2021 Sport Sexten/Sesto (08:00)

Information about the event
Dolomites of Sexten/Sesto - Sexten/Sesto
Registration required
within 5.00 pm of the previous day
Meeting place
start time and meeting point according to the tour
Every week we organise fascinating walks, fixed rope routes and alpine tours with various aims. A local guide providing you with a high degree of safety in terms of orientation and path finding will also help you discover the many little wonders on the wayside. Individual, tailor-made guided walks are available upon request at any time. Please feel free to contact us.
10/21/2021, Thursday 08:00  
10/22/2021, Friday 08:00  
10/23/2021, Saturday 08:00  
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