Dolomiti Gourmetfestival 2023

10/6/2023 Gastronomy/regional products Dobbiaco

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Restaurant Tilia & partners - Dobbiaco
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It's that time again - the ninth edition of the "Dolomiti Gourmet Festival" will take place from 06 to 8 October 2023 in Dobbiaco e Sesto will take place. The festival is a culinary journey with regional delicacies through various locations and local guest establishments. Together with national and international guest chefs, we will experience culinary art at the highest level.

The whole thing is framed by a very special ambience - the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Dolomites.

"On theone hand, we want to promote international exchange with the Dolomiti Gourmet Festival and introduce top chefs from all over the world to the cooking tradition and culture of the Dolomites. Atthe same time, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the culinary art of numerous renowned top chefs and celebrate with them," explains Chris Oberhammer, star chef at the Tilia restaurant in Dobbiaco and organiser of the gourmet festival.

Friday 6 October 2023
The MONS hike where we will again visit our farmers around Dobbiaco
and convey the farmers' everyday life during product tastings. Participating farmers:
Trenker - Waldruhe, Taschler - Trogerhof, Kahn - Weberhof, Baur - Klaudehof.
Evening event at Hotel UNION with cocktail bar and DJ

Saturday 7 October 2023
In the morning supporting programme for the guest chefs and journalists
Afternoon approx. 17:00 - Gourmet safari (maximum 50 people)
The idea is to experience the Dobbiaco gastronomy with shuttles and on foot.
Meeting point is the car park at the mountain rescue centre.
Meeting point for the shuttles (Taxi Peer) which will take the guests one by one to the Dobbiaco farm.

1st stage Toblacher Hof Light welcome drink with accreditation of all guests. Welcome
and explanation of the evening.
2nd stage Boutique Franz Kraler
In the Boutique Franz Kraler there is the first course with dishes from the French guest chefs.
guest chefs.
2nd stage: Hotel Dolomiten (on foot from Boutique Franz Kraler to Hotel Dolomiten)
The cold starter will be served
Stage 3: Restaurant Samyr
The warm starter will be served
Stage 4: Weberhof
The main course is served here
Stage 5: Winkelkeller
Where the dessert will be served as a small buffet and a cocktail bar will be set up.
Also a meeting point for all participating businesses and their employees.
Sunday 8 October
Big closing event at the Haunold mountain station
A farmer's market will be organised at the Ries Haunold mountain hut.
The idea is that each participating chef will be given a product to use in a dish.
Stations will be set up in the various rooms where there will always be a chef, a producer and a vintner.
producer and a winegrower.
On the terrace (weather permitting) a live band or DJ is planned with two cooking stations each.
cooking stations where the guests can buy dishes. In the late afternoon the whole event will
event will be concluded with an after party.