Conference - E-Mountainbike Kick Off

6/9/2018 Meetings/lectures Dobbiaco / Toblach (20:00 - 23:00)

Information about the event
20:00 - 23:00  
Mirrow Hall / Cultural center Euregio Gustav Mahler - Dobbiaco / Toblach
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On the days 8th - 10th of June 2018 the whole Dobbiaco is in the sign of the e-mountain bike. The prefix "E" for "Elektro" is forward-looking. E-bikes, e-cars, with an "E" on the front, it's very trendy. The mountain bike is no different. In Dobbiaco now a corresponding hotspot is to be created whereby one wants to get all interest representatives on board from the beginning to work together in consultation and close cooperation with landowners, farmers representatives, forest, AVS, local bikers and tourists a good solution. The e-mountain bike offers great potential for landlords, the local economy, landowners and tourism. The potential conflicts should now be addressed in advance with the help of our partner Allegra Tourism from Switzerland and resolved in order to avoid problems. That's what the E-Mountainbike Kick Off is all about on Saturday evening at 8 pm in the Hall of Mirrors of the cultural center Grand Hotel.