Hiking tips for families in South Tyrol

Family holiday in the 3 Peaks in the Dolomites

Tips for walks and hikes with children.
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Family hiking tour - Corte - Larici - Villabassa/Säge - Lercha - Niederdorf
The walk leads you past a nostalgic farm to Niederdorf/Villabassa. The walking time is approx. 1.5 hours following the marker no.1.
Length: 4.0 km
Difference in height: 60 m
Location: Braies/Prags
Difficulty: easy
Niederdorf - Lecha
Family hiking tour - Plätzwiese High Plateau - Dürrensteinhütte Hut
You make a excursion on a beautiful upland in the mids of the Natural Park with a wonderful view over the Drei Zinnen/Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the ...
Length: 2.4 km
Difference in height: 62 m
Location: Prags/Braies
Difficulty: easy
Plätzwiese High Plateau
Family hiking tour - Pragser Berg/Monte di Braies
You walk on the approximately 4 kilometer long small asphalt road along the Monte di Braies/Pragser Berg Mountain from Ferrara di Braies/Schmieden ...
Length: 3.4 km
Difference in height: 121 m
Location: Prags/Braies
Difficulty: easy
Mountain Prags
Family hiking tour - Pragser Wildsee Lake -Grünwaldalm/Malga Foresta
You walk from the parking area Pragser Wildsee Lake in 45 minutes along the west coast on a broad gravel way with the (No. 19) to the Malga ...
Length: 2.1 km
Difference in height: 96 m
Location: Prags/Braies
Difficulty: easy
Pragser Wildsee - Grünwaldalm
Family hiking tour - Schmieden/Ferrara Circuit
The walk offers you a wonderful view of Schmieden/Ferrara and the Braies mountain with its traditional farms. The walking time is approx. 1.5 hours.
Length: 3.3 km
Location: Braies/Prags
Difficulty: easy
Rundweg Schmieden
Family hiking tour - St. Veit/San Vito - Wöggenalm/Malga "Wöggen"/Wöggenalm
You start the hike over the wide gravel path to the Wöggenalm at the nostalgic Steinwandthof in St. Veit/San Vito. A fantastic overview of the Braies ...
Length: 2.4 km
Difference in height: 299 m
Location: Braies/Prags
Difficulty: quite difficult
Wöggenalm Wanderung
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