Hiking tips for families in South Tyrol

Family holiday in South Tyrol

These walks are a great hit with children! Dipping toes into water, exploring the woods, learning about the tree horoscope and more. Dobbiaco awaits you for unforgettable family hikes.
68 Tours found (319/420 km)
Family walking tour: "Grieswaldile"
The "Grieswaldile" is a large park with Toblach's largest playground. It offers recreational opportunities, playgrounds and exciting equipment, as ...
Length: 5.3 km
Location: Toblach/Dobbiaco
Difficulty: easy
Dobbiaco - Grazze - Grieswaldile
Family walking tour: Altschluderbach/Altschluderbach
This family hike is above all something special for animal lovers, as it leads directly next to the Altschluderbach animal park and also offers the ...
Length: 10.5 km
Location: Toblach/Dobbiaco
Difficulty: easy
Dobbiaco-Nove Case- Villabassa - Carbonin Vecchia
Family walking tour: Toblach/Dobbiaco - Toblach/Dobbiaco lake - Nature Educational Trail - Toblach
This family hike leads around the beautifully situated Toblacher See. A nature adventure trail with 11 stations around the lake provides valuable ...
Length: 7.9 km
Location: Toblach/Dobbiaco
Difficulty: easy
lago di Dobbiaco
Family walking tour: WoodWonderWorld - source of the Drau/Drava river
The walk begins in the WoodWonderWorld, a playground in the forest and an adventure world and leads along a gravel path to the source of the Drau, ...
Length: 2.9 km
Difference in height: 29 m
Location: Toblach/Dobbiaco
Difficulty: easy
Source of the Riever Drava/Drau
Easy hike from the Stiergarten summit station (2092 m). On the new wide hiking trail via the Klammbachalm and Nemesalm and back to the starting ...
Length: 14.6 km
Difference in height: 661 m
Location: Vierschach
Difficulty: easy
Mountain Pasture Hike
Circular hike Maistatt
Start and finish: Elementary School Route: Starting from the school, we cross the square bridge and arrive at Von Kurz Square. In front of the City ...
Length: 4.8 km
Location: Niederdorf / Villabassa
Difficulty: easy
Circular hike Maistatt
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