Hiking tips for families in South Tyrol

Family holiday in South Tyrol

These walks are a great hit with children! Dipping toes into water, exploring the woods, learning about the tree horoscope and more. Dobbiaco awaits you for unforgettable family hikes.
69 Tours found (318/425 km)
Family walking tour: "Grieswaldile"
The playground "Grieswaldile" is the biggest in Dobbiaco. It has also a small pond. suitable for baby stroller
Length: 5.3 km
Place: Dobbiaco/Toblach
Difficulty: easy
Dobbiaco/ Toblach - Grazze/ Gratsch
Family walking tour: Carbonin Vecchia/Altschluderbach
This family hike is particularly suitable for animal-loving families, as it leads past an animal park with the animals from our area. suitable for ...
Length: 10.5 km
Place: Dobbiaco/Toblach
Difficulty: easy
Dobbiaco - Nove Case - Villabassa - Carbonin Vecchia - Dobbiaco
Family walking tour: Neutoblach- Lake of Toblach- Nature Educational Trail - Dobbiaco/Toblach
This is a nice trail around the Lake of Dobbiaco/Toblach with interesting facts about wildlife and the geomorphology along the nature trail. suitable ...
Length: 7.9 km
Place: Dobbiaco/Toblach
Difficulty: easy
Lake of Dobbiaco
Family walking tour: WoodWonderWorld - source of the Drava River
The walk to the WoodWonderWorld and further on to the source of the Drava River is very easy and for this it suits to families. suitable for baby ...
Length: 2.9 km
Altitude: 29 m
Place: Dobbiaco/Toblach
Difficulty: easy
Easy hike from the Stiergarten summit station (2092 m). On the new wide hiking trail via the Klammbachalm and Nemesalm and back to the starting ...
Length: 14.6 km
Altitude: 661 m
Place: Vierschach
Difficulty: easy
Mountain Pasture Hike
Excursions - Moso – Gasthof Fronebe
Moso – Gasthof Froneben (asphalt) 1 ½ hours All excursions are convenient only for buggies with big wheel!
Length: 1.5 km
Altitude: 215 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
Difficulty: quite difficult
Moso - Restaurant Froneben
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