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8/6/2023 Fairs/markets Dobbiaco (10:00 - 15:00)

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10:00 - 15:00  
Park Grand Hotel - Dobbiaco
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Park Grand Hotel
Immerse ourselves in the forest with all our senses

Shinrin Yoku - forest bathing is an activity of deep connection with nature in a dimension of
of slowness, awareness and relationship with the forest, with the aim of relaxing the mind and
and to unload the emotional burden that accompanies us in our daily lives. During
During this experience, different exercises will be proposed in which the participants will use the gifts that the forest organism offers us,
the gifts that the forest organism offers us (colours, shapes, smells, tactile sensations) through their main
senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste), thus creating a special and unique connection with the forest.
This favours a special and unique connection with the present moment.

Bathing in the forest, a term literally translated from the language in which this activity originates,
(SHINRIN = forest - YOKU = bath), means to immerse oneself in a "green sea", to linger in a pleasant
pleasant silence, to let the resinous smell spread around you, to sink into the depths of the inner
to sink into the depths of the inner being, to let the mind and feelings drift away, to purify the psyche.
The forest, our ancient home, is a place of wonderful nature, a stimulating realm for the senses,
perfect for wellness and relaxation. Even a short, but mindful walk through the forest has a direct
directly on the general well-being: it reduces stress, strengthens the immune and endocrine system
and helps you to become more resilient. Health comes from the forest, which mankind has
mankind has always trusted. The fact that spending time in the forest not only fills the lungs with
oxygenates the lungs or collects and transforms healing substances from trees, has been scientifically investigated for several decades as part of natural
scientifically investigated for several decades in the context of natural healing methods. Increasing alienation from the
nature, loss of the universal sense of belonging, stress and hectic life are endangering health.
Here the forest has an enormous potential for prevention and healing, in that it offers not only
relaxation, but also stimulation, without overtaxing people.