The Cima Grande

To celebrate the anniversary of the great ascent on the 21.08.2019 around the Three Peaks and in the valleys takes place a great mountain festival...

Just one month later, the same roped party that conquered Cima Tre Scarperi also successfully climbed Cima Grande. Mountaineers Grohmann, Innerkofler and Salcher thus achieved the biggest and most important first ascent ever. A great mountain festival takes place in their honour around the Three Peaks and in the valleys. Major attractions will be the time capsule installation at the Rifugio Antonio Locatelli and “historical Val Fiscalina”.

In the evening Dobbiaco shows the premiere of the mountain film "Die Große Zinne" by and with Director Reinhold Messner in the Dobbiaco ice stadium. Filming in Alta Pusteria started the end of July 2018. On the initiative of the Dobbiaco Tourist Board and in close cooperation with the Sesto, San Candido, Villabassa and Valle di Braies Tourist Boards, the documentary pays tribute to the achievements of the various first ascents of the Cima Grande - directed by Reinhold Messner

Part I
Part I
TIME CAPSULE 2019 + 50

08:30 l Meeting point at the Auronzo hut
Excursion to the Antonio Locatelli hut
10:30 l Mountain mass
11:00 l Greetings and inauguration of the time capsule
Musical framing
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Blessing of the time capsule
To celebrate the anniversary of the first ascent of Cima Grande by Paul Grohmann, Peter Salcher and Franz Innerkofler, the idea was born to erect a monument to the Three Peaks, one of the symbols of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. The anniversary of the first ascent not only refers to the Alpine achievement itself, but also to a new sense of responsibility for the protection and preservation of the Dolomites. It is a time capsule which will be dedicated on August 21, 2019 at the Rifugio Antonio Locatelli and sealed for the next 50 years until the year 2069.
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Part 2
Part 2

12:00 – 17:00 l Start Antonio Locatelli hut down toi the Val Fiscalina (Sesto)
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 A jouney back in time 
Val Fiscalina in 1900: Starting point for rope teams searching for new routes in the mountains, meeting place for tourists and mountain guides, popular destination for day-trippers,... Let yourself be bewitched by the charm of days gone by, meet legends of alpine history and listen to their tales!
Part 3
Part 3

Director Reinhold Messner
20:00 – 22:30 | Ice hall Dobbiaco
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Film premiere of the documentary "Die Große Zinne" by Reinhold Messner
The premiere of this anniversary film begins at 8:00 pm at the Dobbiaco ice stadium. It will open with a musical supporting programme. The film will be shown at 9:00 pm. Afterwards Director Reinhold Messner, the actors and protagonists are available to answer questions.
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