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  • ... the Croda Bagnata is also called the Sleeping Giant? Since times eternal the Giant has been lying at the entrance to the Val di Landro where it is guarding the village of his great love, whom he still mourns.
  • ... Dobbiaco boasts a wildlife park in a stunning natural landscape? You can watch fallow deer, red deer, lynx and many other wild animals there.
  • ... Dobbiaco has a “Wurzelkapelle”, a “root band”? The musical instruments are made entirely from roots.
  • ... Gustav Mahler created his Ninth Symphony, the unfinished Tenth Symphony and “Das Lied von der Erde” in Dobbiaco?
  • ... the rivers Rienza and Drava have their origins in the municipality of Dobbiaco?
  • ... every January there is a Balloonweek? During that week hot air balloons transform the sky above Dobbiaco and the holiday region 3 Zinnen in the Dolomites into a colourful fantasy landscape. Ballooning is on offer throughout the year.
  • ... the company UNDA in Dobbiaco produced high quality radios from 1925 onward? Physician and philosopher Max Glauber (related to the German actor and film-maker Til Schweiger) founded the factory and employed 250 skilled workers. These radios were very advanced for their time and sold in large quantities, until the beginning of the Second World War, when many of the skilled workers emigrated and Mussolini relocated the company to Como. For many years after the Second World War the company continued to produce radios and televisions sets.
  • ... there is a historic guide to Dobbiaco?
  • ... the television series “Un passo dal cielo” with Terence Hill was produced in the holiday region 3 Zinnen in the Dolomites?

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