Bergfilmfestival: Die große Zinne

12/23/2019 - 12/29/2019 Meetings/lectures Sexten/Sesto (20:00)

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Event Centre "Haus Sexten" - Sexten/Sesto
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The founders of the Berg Film Festival of Sesto present all year round real blockbusters, but also classics, authentic short films and exciting documentaries!

Die große Zinne
The film is based on five success stories of great alpinists, all of whom stand for the development of sport climbing and the pioneering spirit of their time and represent milestones in the history of alpine climbing.

MONDAY: 23.12.2019 at 8 pm in german
SUNDAY: 29.12.2019 at 9 pm in italian
12/23/2019, Monday 20:00  
12/29/2019, Sunday