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Walking paths in Sesto and surroundings

It is true that the 3 Peaks and the peaks of the Sesto sundial are an unforgettable experience for climbers. But it does not always have to be the highest mountains. Walks through the valley and excursions to the pastures in Sesto are a unique experience of nature and suitable for everyone. Special tip: A walk into the Val Fiscalina valley!
30 Tours found (127/131 km)
Excursions - Gasthof Panorama – Pendio Monte Elmo hut
Pleasant walk from the fortress Mitterberg/Monte di Mezzo - inn Gasthof Panorama - to the hut Helmhanghütte. Wonderful view of the village of Sesto, ...
Length: 1.1 km
Altitude: 60 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
Difficulty: easy
inn Gasthof Panorama - hut Helmhanghütte
Excursions - Sesto – Gasthaus alte säge (on the bicycle route)
Pleasant walk from Sesto, along the river (on the cycle path) to the Restaurant Zum Klaus. Suited for families (accessible with buggy).
Length: 3.0 km
Altitude: 40 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
Difficulty: easy
Sexten/Sesto - Restaurant Klaus
Excursions with a baby buggy - The road of meditation
Itinerary with 14 contemlative stations from the Parish Church to the Cappella del Bosco / Waldkapelle chapel passing the wonderful cemetery of Sesto ...
Length: 2.2 km
Altitude: 213 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
Difficulty: easy
Hike - Olperl alpine circuit for families
An entertaining alpine circuit for the entire family!
Length: 3.2 km
Altitude: 83 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
Difficulty: easy
Hike - Sexten/Sesto - Innichen/San Candido
It is a forest path of cosiness, no altitude difference and no special impulses. You will always have the village of Sesto on your left and pass the ...
Length: 8.0 km
Altitude: 150 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
Difficulty: easy
Sexten/Sesto - Innichen/San Candido
Hike - The Milk Mile at Sexten/Sesto
How is tasty mountain cheese made? The ‘Milk Mile’ at Sesto/Sexten provide answers to questions like this. The local Alpine dairy farming world is ...
Length: 2.0 km
Altitude: 30 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
Difficulty: easy
Milk Mile
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