Stoneman Trail in Sesto

An experience over 120 km and an altitude differential of 4,560 m.

The Stoneman Trail by mountain bike professional Roland Stauder is a 120 km long trail with an altitude differential of 4,560 m. The trail is marked by cairns. Its motto is “realise your dream”. It is not a race but a tour you can complete in 1, 2 or 3 days.

Mountain bikers wear an armband to be stamped and cycle the prescribed sections. At five different checkpoints the bikers receive their well-deserved stamps and decide, how many sections they cycle that day. Depending on the total distance cycled you can win the popular Stoneman trophy.

Selling point of the starting package:

- "Stoneman-Spirit-Info-Point": Sexten/Sesto, Via Tennisweg 6: 08.00-10.00 am & 04.30-08.00 pm
- Sillian Hotel Bergland (A):
- Padola Tourism Association
The 5 stamping points are:
  • Mountain Cornetto di Confine (2545 m)
  • Sillianer Hütte hut (2447 m)
  • Passo Silvella saddle (2329 m)
  • Valgrande valley (1362 m)
  • Mountain station Croda Rossa (1900 m)

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