Event Highlights in Sesto & in the Alta Pusteria

Special events you should not miss

It was 150 years ago, on 18 July 1869, early on Sunday morning, when three mountain climbers shook hands on the Punta Tre Scarperi. The first ascent bar none and the starting signal for countless others. Just one month later the same party also conquered the Cima Grande. This was the start of the great summit rush in the Sesto Dolomites: alpinists from all over the world came here seeking great adventures, opened up new climbing routes and ultimately gave the enterprising Sesto natives the idea of welcoming tourists to their village.


Sexten/Sesto and its mountains – a great love story!
Sesto the village of the Three Peaks invites you on an exciting journey through its alpine history in 2019. Everywhere in the village there is something exciting to discover: testimonies of great conquests, mountaineers’ stories, routes you can touch, and much more.

04 JANUARY 2019
Opening of the anniversary year and of the Berg Film Festival
The makers of the Sesto Berg Film Festival present real blockbusters, but also true classics, authentic short films and exciting documentaries all year round!

09 to 10 JUNE 2019
The Sesto Sundial
The people of the Dolomite valleys have always lived in harmony with the mighty peaks that surround them. This is especially true for the people of Sesto, as their mountains are also a gigantic, stony clockwork. The Sesto sundial, one of the most striking skylines created by nature, shows the time with its peaks of Nine, Ten (Rotwand/Corda Rossa), Eleven, Twelve and One. It can be read from the position of the sun above the characteristic peaks. In June and July of the Jubilee Year, this phenomenon becomes particularly visible through a unique staging. The ceremonial opening will take place on 9 June as part of the Dolomites UNESCO Fest.

26 JUNE 2019

The walkable summit book
The summit book is the written proof of heroic tales in the mountains. Being the first person to conquer a summit, achieving the impossible. It must have been an intoxicating feeling of power and invincibility that tempted countless summit chasers to the Sesto Dolomites. Each spectacular first climb told of courage, great ambition, mental strength and technical ability. And perhaps a certain madness. Exactly these conquests have been documented in the books high up in the mountains since the late 19th century - Sesto now brings the summit books into the valley, stages them in a spectacular way and makes them visible for everyone to experience. On the opening, planned on 26 june, there will be present Sesto’s sister city Zermatt.

13 to 20 JULY 2019
Mountain week Sesto
Hiking in the Dolomites of Sesto on the tracks of great mountaineers. The mountain week inspires with a varied program of guided tours and hikes in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage, as well as various evening events. In cooperation with the Alpine School Sesto Three Peaks Alp and the Three Peaks Nature Park, themed lectures and guided mountain tours on magnificent panoramic trails are offered. Two very special highlights should not be missed:

18 JULY 2019

PEAKnick with a view
It was on 18 July 1869, early on Sunday morning, when three mountain climbers shook hands on the Dreischusterspitze/Punta dei Tre Scarperi. The first ascent bar none and the starting signal for countless others. Exactly 150 years later, this milestone in the history of Sesto is duly celebrated - guests can look forward to an illustrious evening in one of the most spectacular natural settings ever.

20 JULY 2019
Sesto Vertical Arena III
On 20 July renowned mountaineers will present their passion. They will give an initial 20 minute-long keynote presentation of their current first ascents and projects. Subsequently these will be debated in a star-studded discussion. The lectures will be translated simultaneously.

21 AUGUST 2019
The big day
Just one month later the same party also conquered the Große Zinne/Cima Grande. With this ascent the mountaineers Grohmann, Innerkofler and Salcher managed on of the most important peaks. In their honour, a big mountain festival takes place around the Three Peaks and in their valleys. Special attractions are the time capsule installation at the rifugio Locatelli/Three Peaks and the historic Val Fiscalina. In the evening the village of Dobbiaco shows the movie premiere of the documentary “La Cima Grande” with Reinhold Messner.

29 SEPTEMBER until 01 OCTOBER 2019
Dolomites UNESCO Forum & “Sextner Kamingespräche”
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the inclusion of the Dolomites in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List, EURAC Bolzano, IDM South Tyrol, the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and the Sesto Tourism Association are organising a two-day specialist congress. The results of this convention will be presented during the popular evening event of the association sextenkultur "5th Sextener Kamingespräche".

30 DECEMBER 2019
Silent fireworks and the conclusion of the anniversary year
An extraordinary New Year's Eve at Sesto. Also this year Sesto is going to celebrate the New Year in a totally unique way: in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the last day of the year, the celebrations will be brought forward. In addition to the traditional torchlight descent by the ski school Dolomites of Sesto, we surprise our guests with spectacular show effects and an incomparable high light: big but silent fireworks.

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