Mountain Time: The unique Sesto mountain sundial

6/9/2019 Meetings/lectures Sexten/Sesto (10:00)

Information about the event
Pavilion "Haus Sexten" - Sexten/Sesto
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Grand opening of the “Mountain Time” festival, early morning drink and snack with Sesto marching band and première of the “Sextner Bergsteigermarsch” mountaineer’s march by Klaus Tschurtschenthaler!

Mountain Time: The unique Sesto Mountain Sundial is probably one of the most striking skylines created by nature. The peaks – Nove (9), Dieci (10), Undici (11), Dodici (12) and Una (1) tower high above Sesto and together comprise the imposing craggy timepiece. You can tell the time from the location of the sun over the respective summits.

In June and July 2019 this phenomenon will be especially clear to see due to a unique staging.