41. Gustav Mahler Music Weeks Dobbiaco

7/9/2022 - 7/17/2022 Music/dance Dobbiaco

Information about the event
Gustav Mahler Hall / Culture Center Euregio Gustav Mahler - Dobbiaco
Registration required
A little music festival with international ambitions in the heart of the Dolomites, where Gustav Mahler used to spend his summer holidays.
A part of the tradition of Gustav Mahler and his work, a place where Mahler’s music, science, and discography get together.
7/9/2022, Saturday
7/10/2022, Sunday
7/11/2022, Monday
7/12/2022, Tuesday
7/13/2022, Wednesday
7/14/2022, Thursday
7/15/2022, Friday
7/16/2022, Saturday
7/17/2022, Sunday