Churches and chapels in Sesto

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Sesto boasts numerous churches and chapels. Of particular note are the forest chapel “Cappella nel Bosco” and the parish church of St Peter and St Paul:
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Churches and chapels in Sesto
San Valentino Church
Fischleintalstraße - 39030 Sesto / Sexten
The San Valentino Church The San Valentino Church was built in 1825 at Bagni di Moso / Bad Moos. The chapel was constructed in 1925 by Valentin ...
St. Josef Church in Moos
St. Josef Straße - 39030 Sexten/Sesto
St. Josef Church in Moos was built in 1679, you will find there some beautiful frescoes of Rudolf Stolz.
San Antonio Chapel of Oberreiden
Via Monte di Mezzo 2 - 39030 Sesto / Sexten
Little Chapel with view to the dolomites of Sesto / Sexten The San Antonio Chapel was built in 1930 and is located at Mitterberg / monte di mezzo. ...
Cappella di Roggen di Fuori/Kapelle zu Ausserroggen
Via Roggen 6 - 39030 Sesto/Sexten
The chapel was built in 1849 by the bricklayer Michael Kofler. It is dedicated to S. Maria Goretti - martyr of innocence.
Chapel of the sacred heart of Maria
Waldheimweg 8 - 39030 Sexten/Sesto
The family Kiniger promised to build a chapel in 2013 and in the same year it was inaugurated. The chapel is situated in the Waldheim, nearby the ...
Peter and Paulus Parish Church in Sesto/Sexten
Via Dolomiti /Dolomitenstr. 45 - 39030 Sesto/Sexten
Parish Church in Sesto/Sexten The parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Sesto will impress you with its artistic masterpiece, the “Danse ...
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