The compass needle is upside down

Switching horizons

This roofed wicker beach chair from the German city of Büsum is spending a week’s holidays in Sesto discovering the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. In exchange, we have sent a Sesto Alpine wooden beach basket to the North Sea. It is enjoying a lovely time with our friends in the North Sea spa town of Büsum and is discovering another UNESCO World Heritage: the Wadden Sea.

On 26.06.2009 the Wadden Sea and the Dolomites were added to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Two natural regions with a unique beauty, one in the North, one in the South. Sea and mountain, tides and summits. Wadden landscape, constantly changing over the millennia. Dolomites landscape, born from the sea millions of years ago but only seeming to be eternal. Separated by 1,000 m altitude and over 1,000 kilometres - united by their joint mission to preserve these landscapes for future generations.

Sesto – Büsum, in the international year of sustainability 2017