Did you know that ...?

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Did you know that ...?
  • ... Sesto has the largest natural stone sundial? The Sesto sundial with the peaks of Cima Nove, Cima Dieci (Croda Rossa di Sesto), Cima Undici, Cima Dodici and Cima Uno.

  • ... you can adopt a bench in Sesto with a personal dedication, and so secure for yourself your own place in the Sesto Dolomites?

  • ... 40% of the district of Sesto is located in the 3 Peaks nature park, meaning that a large part of it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status?

  • ... one of Europe’s most beautiful mountain running events takes place in Sesto? Every September the Südtirol Drei Zinnen Alpine Run (17.5 km; altitude differential 1350 m) attracts thousands of passionate lovers of mountains and of nature.

  • ... the smallest reindeer herd of the Alps lives on the mountain Croda Rossa?

  • ... every winter a family of giant snowmen enlivens the mountain Croda Rossa?

  • ... Sesto has one of Italy’s most exciting indoor climbing centres? The glazing on both sides and the panoramic views give you the impression of climbing in the Dolomites.

  • ... Sesto was a theatre of war during the First World War? Visit the trenches, galleries, posts and storage facilities in the open-air museum Bellum Aquilarum on the mountain Croda Rossa. The exhibition in the village is also of interest.
  • ... the television series “Un passo dal cielo” with Terence Hill was produced in the holiday region 3 Peaks in the Dolomites?