Fun for the whole family

Ask at the Tourist Information Niederdorf/Villabassa for an orienteering map and test how quickly you can find the listed locations and get your stamp at the control points. 28 control points across the entire village, from the Kurpark to the St. Magdalena church with two possible starting points at the station area or at the east entrance of the Kurpark. Great fun for the whole family!

But what is an orienteering run?

Orienteering is a natural sport for all age groups and, as the name suggests, consists of two components - orientation and running. With the help of a map and compass, control points (posts) in the area are approached in the shortest possible time. How to reach the post is up to you.
Tension is ensured until the end, because before you are not at the finish, a mistake can still creep in. Orienteering is therefore just as exciting as biathlon. And mostly it is not the strongest runners who win, but those who have thought and planned better. Orienteering is possible everywhere; the only requirement is an orienteering map of the area. Furthermore, you can do the orienteering race on foot as well as on cross-country skis.
Orienteering is a cheap sport and no special equipment is required than a compass. In addition, the competitions take place in the largest and most beautiful stadium: in the great outdoors. In this sporting discipline, it's not so much the competition that counts, but the experience and adventure.

“All people are orienteers - but most of them don't know it yet!” - Quote from Peo Bengtsson (orienteering missionary who has run in 108 countries to date)