Open air inhalatorium

Niederdorf/Villabassa - First open air inhalatorium in Italy

The open air inhalatorium is the first of its kind in South Tyrol and Italy. With a concentration of 7 - 11% the sole runs over mountain pine and bundles of blackthorn (the “thorn house”), absorbing their essential oils. The air is soothing for the respiratory tract.

The trickling sole enriches the air near the “thorn house” with saline, thus bringing a touch of “sea air” into the mountains. Like sea air, this has a positive effect on people allergic to pollen and those suffering with asthma. Breathing in the salty air has an expectorant effect, soothes irritations, anti-inflammatory effects and prevents and aids healing of chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. This “natural medical miracle” is also said to reduce fatigue and the effects of cardiovascular problems. It helps you to feel relaxed and at peace. It also has an extremely beneficial effect on the vegetative nervous system. Many doctors and alternative practitioners therefore recommend prolonged stays at the seaside or in spas, which have made use of the effects of the “thorn houses”. For an optimum effect it is recommended to visit the open air inhalatorium several times a week and to inhale for 30 minutes each time.