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Winter magic in the Braies valley

Do you like to take it easy and want to enjoy nature? Then opt for a walking path across the meadows or along the streams. Short, flat walks and benches invite you to sit down and enjoy the views.
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Summer hiking - Monte di Braies/Pragser Berg
The approximately 4 Kilometer long small asphalt road passes along the Pragser Berg/Braies mountain  from Schmieden/Ferrara to St. Veit/San Vito. The ...
Length: 3.4 km
Difference in height: 121 m
Location: Braies/Prags
Difficulty: easy
Prags/Braies Mountain
Summer hiking - Prato Piazza/Plätzwiese - Rif. Vallandro/Dürrensteinhütte
Excursion on a wonderful upland in the mids of the Natural Park with a wonderful view over the 3 Peaks and the Mountains Hohe Gails/Croda Rossa, ...
Length: 1.9 km
Difference in height: 40 m
Location: Braies/Prags
Difficulty: easy
Summer track Lago di Braies - Malga Foresta/Pragser Wildsee - Grünwaldalm
From the parking area Lago di Braies/Pragser Wildsee you go along the west coast Lago di Braies/Pragser Wildsee, arrived on the back shore a broad ...
Length: 2.1 km
Difference in height: 96 m
Location: Braies/Prags
Difficulty: easy
Lake Prags/Braies -
Summer walking tour Sorgente "Maite"/Quellenweg
The approximately 1,5 kilometer long lern-path is easily passable and pass by the fishpond of Bagni di Braies Vecchia/Bad Altprags. Along the path ...
Length: 1.9 km
Difference in height: 3 m
Location: Braies/Prags
Difficulty: easy
Summer-Walk around the lake Lago di Braies/Pragser Wildsee
The excursion around the pearl of the Dolomites crosses a small chapel. Part of the circuit is practicable through a stair path. Croda del Becco / ...
Length: 3.6 km
Location: Prags
Difficulty: easy
LAke Prags/Braies
Theme path: "Viktor Wolf Edler von Glanvell"
Tis route is dedicated to Viktor Wolf Edler von Glanvell, the well-known pioneer of mountaineering and discoverer of the Dolomites of Braies. The ...
Length: 4.8 km
Difference in height: 270 m
Location: Braies/Prags
Difficulty: easy
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