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International Snow Festival
Imposing in the clear winter air, bizarr in the evening illumination, thats how the sculptures will change the atmosphere of the village next january. The imaginative creations, the sculptures, forms and bodies of snow will dominate in the village on behalf of the Snow Sculpture Festival in San Candido/Innichen.

The rules are very simple and very attractive for the spectators: fresh snow from the surroundings will be pressed together in 3x3x3m blocks which will be located in different areas.

On this blocks the teams can play with the wealth of their ideas. The result of the work should be an imaginative sculpture. Apart from the tools the sculptors can use only water – water which will be soon ice regarding the freezing winter temperatures of the area.

The works have to be finished within 3 days, then they are going to be inspected and voted by the guests in the various tourist resorts and the local residents.

The Snow Sculpture Festival will be held in San Vigilio from the 12th to the 14th of January 2022, and from the 17th to the 19th January 2022 in

San Candido. Hopefully the low winter temperatures will contribute to give the sculptures a long last, so they can be admired till the first mild days even in the evenings as they are going to be illuminated.