Dolomiti Ranger

“The World of Stone” in the nature parks of the holiday region Three Peaks

4th July - 9th August 

A unique experience of nature for the whole family: With expert guidance in German and Italian, much fun and a touch of adventure, parents and children from 7 to 12 years learn more about “the world of stones” - variously in the Three Peaks nature park and in the Fanes-Senes-Braies nature park. Two days a week at the nature park house Three Peaks, keen young scientists search for answers to all their burning questions. The most committed explorers who take part in all three days are awarded the “Dolomiti Ranger Diploma” in the topic “World of Stone”. All tours and information are offered in German and Italian. 


  • Experiment with Dolomite rock
    The event starts every Tuesday morning at the nature park house in Dobbiaco. Inside the nature park house and out in the field children and nature park rangers discuss questions such as: Why do mountains exist and what is so special about Dolomite rock? What do geologists do? Where can we find fossils? Why do volcanoes erupt? The rangers explain the principles of geology age in an age-appropriate way.
    Much emphasis is placed on the interplay of playful teaching and individual exploration. Stone and fossils are touched and investigated carefully, “lying stones” are made, a volcano eruption is created, crystals are observed under the microscope and children have a go with hammer and a chisel.

  • A journey of discovery into the world of rock
    Go on a journey of discovery into the world of rocks and stone of the Dolomites.
    Why do mountains have different layers of rock? What happens if the tectonic plates shift? Why are there so many stones in the valleys when they should be on the top of the mountains?
    Together with a nature expert the whole family explores the world of the Dolomites, re-builds mountains with different types of rock and builds cairns.


  • Night walk among the rocks
    Night walk among the rocks on the second day, always on Wednesdays. The participants meet at dusk and walk together to the night-time meeting place, where several activities take place. How does a fire stone work? Why are the Dolomite rocks white and luminous? Why do we orient ourselves with the help of stone markings?
    A night walk for adults and children, tracing the rocks who are constant companions of the people of South Tyrol. A journey into the world of the legends of the Dolomites, whose massive rock towers and vertical walls have always been the backdrop for exciting stories.


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