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Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage

The Three Peaks are the landmark of the Dolomites and the nature highlight of the holiday region 3 Zinnen in the Dolomites. The 3 Peaks are situated in the 3 Peaks nature park and in 2009 they were declared UNESCO World Heritage, as were all other peaks of the Dolomites.

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The three battlement-like peaks consist mainly of dolomite:
  • The Cima Grande measures a proud 2,999 metres
  • The Cima Occidentale 2,973 metres
  • And the Cima Piccola 2,857 metres
Informations about the toll road to rifugio Auronzo

See and hike through the Three Peaks - South Tyrol
See and hike through the Three Peaks - South Tyrol
The Three Peaks - uniquely beautiful and stunning from all sides. To enable you to experience the magic of the Three Peaks close up there is in summer a toll road from Misurina to the Rifugio Auronzo hut.
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The area around the Three Peaks in South Tyrol offers many hiking trails for experienced hikers and for beginners. The majestic rock spurs offer mountain lovers many climbing tours of various degrees of difficulty.
The interplay of colours of the Three Peaks - South Tyrol
The interplay of colours of the Three Peaks - South Tyrol
Every year the call of the Three Peaks attracts many visitors who witness an unforgettable and impressive magical dance of colours, from cool greys to glowing reds.
First climb of the Three Peaks
First climb of the Three Peaks
In August 1869 Paul Grohmann from Vienna travelled to the Three Peaks region for his holidays. When he saw the Three Peaks, this passionate mountain climber was gripped by a desperate yearning to stand on the top of this mountains.
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Talking to locals he discovered that a fellow mountain climber from Sesto, Franz Innerkofler, had already explored the area and discovered a possible entry to the Cima Grande. On 21 August 1869 Grohmann, Innerkofler and Peter Salcher from Luggau started their climb. The path led from the South-eastern base of the mountain across a ravine to the top of the Cima Grande at 2,999 metres. 2 hours and 55 minutes later the majestic mountain had been conquered.
In the following years no-one dared to repeat this risky adventure. After a whole 10 years Franz’s namesake Michl Innerkofler and Georg Ploner from Carbonin successfully climbed the Cima Occidentale. Together with his brother, Hans, Michl also conquered the Cima Piccola. At that time it was a masterly performance, as the Piccola was the most difficult of the Three Peaks.
Over the subsequent years, hiking and climbing attracted a large number of tourists, until the First World War broke out in Europe and put an end to all travelling. For many years the Three Peaks returned to being towering rock faces to be seen from a distance.
Finally, in 1933, conversations between mountain climbers about the search for a route via the North face to the summit of the Cima Grande tempted mountain guide Emilio Comici from Trieste to make a first attempt and to climb the rock face, contrary to any logic. The call of the mountain was so strong that on 14 August 1933, after several attempts, he was able to enter a new route to the summit of the Cima Grande in the summit record book. Thus, Emilio Comici made climbing history.
Since that time, the Three Peaks have been a magnet for passionate climbers and every year many of them conquer one of the peaks. Despite having been climbed countless times, the Three Peaks have retained their magic and their mightiness still captivates all visitors.

Source: Drei Zinnen/Helmut Dumler
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