Hiking tips for families in South Tyrol

Family holiday in South Tyrol

You can also go on exciting walks with pushchair and small children... our tips:
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Hiking tips for families in Villabassa
Niederdorf - "Mooskirche" - Niederdorf
Am Waldesrand entlang in Richtung Mooskirche genießen Sie immer einen Blick auf das Dorf und die Bergkulisse der Pragser dolomiten. Am gotischen ...
Length: 3.8 km
Place: Niederdorf/Villabassa
Difficulty: easy
Niederdorf - Aufkirchen - Toblach - Niederdorf
Easy excursion along the river Rienz, slight ascent from "Neunhäusern" until Aufkirchen, descent to Dobbiaco and return to Villabassa on asfalt road.
Length: 10.0 km
Place: Niederdorf/Villabassa
Difficulty: easy
Villabassa/Niederdorf - Minizoo Camping Olympia - Bad Maistatt - Niederdorf/Villabassa
Entlang der Rienz begleitet vom Rauschen des Wassers erreichen Sie den Minizoo "Camping Olympia" Verschieden Tiere lassen sich aus allernächster Nähe ...
Length: 5.7 km
Altitude: 86 m
Place: Niederdorf/Villabassa
Difficulty: easy
Villabassa/Niederdorf – Santa Maria/Aufkirchen
Route | Villabassa/Niederdorf | Easy 2-hour walk | Villabassa/Niederdorf – Santa Maria/Aufkirchen | Starting point: Piazza von Kurz, ...
Length: 8.0 km
Place: Niederdorf
Difficulty: easy
Further hiking tips for families in Alta Pusteria - Country of the Three Peaks
Easy Walk around Sexten/Sesto
A short but nice hiking tour, which is ideal to discover our valley and to get a first view. Nice for a half day or with kids, because the path is ...
Length: 6.6 km
Altitude: 30 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
Difficulty: easy
Sextner Rundweg
Excursions with a baby buggy - Fable path: mountain station Monte Elmo – Baita del Cacciatore hut – Gasthof Waldruhe - Sesto
Fable path: mountain station Monte Elmo to Baita del Cacciatore hut to Gasthof Waldruhe ( 2 hours). All excursions are convenient only for buggies ...
Length: 7.2 km
Altitude: 740 m
Place: Sexten/Sesto
Difficulty: quite difficult
Excursions with a baby buggy
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