Climbing crags in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage

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Adrenaline rush in the climbing crags!

The climbing guide is available at the Tourist Office Dobbiaco (5,00 €).

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Climbing crags in Dobbiaco
Climbing crag Lake of Landro
Via Dolomiti 3 - 39034 Dobbiaco/Toblach
The Lago di Landro/Dürrensee crag is located above the Lake of Landro and therefore you have a wonderful view of the lake from the wall. The ...
Climbing crag Landro holes
Via Dolomiti 3 - 39034 Dobbiaco/Toblach
Two cavernous holes characterize this climbing crag. The magnificent view stretches from the Monte Cristallto to the Lake of Landro. Approach time: ...
Climbing crag Military "Alpini"
Via Dolomiti 3 - 39034 Dobbiaco/Toblach
This climbing crag is easy. It has a very exemplary protection. Multipitch routes also possible. Approach time: 7 min.
Climbing crag Valle della Rienza/Rienztal valley
Via Dolomiti 3 - 39034 Dobbiaco/Toblach
This crag is one of the oldest in the area. It is very popular regardless of the long approach, due to the wonderful view of the Three Peaks on the ...
Climbing crag Geierwand
Via Dolomiti 3 - 39034 Dobbiaco/Toblach
The somewhat strenuous access to the sports climbing crag of the Geierwand is worthwhile thanks to the high rock face in yellow dolomite rock with ...
Climbing crag Scheweg/Franchi
Via Dolomiti 3 - 39034 Dobbiaco/Toblach
One of the crags with a rather high number of harder routes. The big overhangs offer shelter from rain and hence it is possible to climb also during ...
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