10 tips for sustainable mountain biking and electric mountain biking in Dobbiaco

Mountain bikers and electric mountain bikers are warmly welcome in Dobbiaco and the Dolomites region Three Peaks. We would like to briefly list the ten simplest rules for sustainable behaviour on the trails and in nature. Please try to comply with these simple rules so that we can continue to practice our sport in Dobbiaco and surrounding area in the future without any problems.

1. Only cycle on paths
The rule is: Please stay on the signed routes and trails and don’t ride cross-country, to ensure that no damage is caused to nature and to agricultural property. Pay attention to local path closures and make sure you assess the suitability of a path taking into account the weather, time of day, pedestrians and steepness.
Please no: Do not cross meadows and fields with tall grass.

2. Don’t leave traces
Please do not leave traces. Blocking wheels contribute to soil erosion and cause damage to trails. Please always adjust your cycling style to the trail conditions.
Please no: No hard breaks in bends and on gravel roads.

3. Keep your mountain bike under control
Your speed should always be adjusted to the current situation. Ride at an appropriate speed and with enough vision ahead to be able to break in time.
Please no: Don’t ride so fast that you can no longer enjoy the beautiful landscape.

4. Be considerate to other mountaineers
Walkers and hikers should not be scared by high speed or blocking wheels. Please announce that you are passing and overtake slowly and with some distance.
Please no: Don’t forget to smile when greeting others.

5. Share the trails
All paths and trails are used jointly by hikers and bikers. Pedestrians have right of way. Tip: Offer a polite greeting, get off your bike and move to the side when meeting hikers on narrow trails.
Please no: Do not think that you have right of way on your bike.

6. Be considerate to wild animals and grazing cattle
At dawn, dusk and in the evenings you should treat nature with care. Many wild animals are active at those times of day and can move freely in their habitat, which makes them particularly susceptible to being disturbed. Grazing cattle should also be treated with respect: Adjust your biking on approach and always close gates.
Please no: Do not consider cattle to be obstacles. We love our cows.

7. Protect plants
Pretty plants should remain where they grow so others can also enjoy them. This is particularly true for rare flowers.
Please no: Please don’t pick edelweiss and other rare mountain flowers.

8. Take your waste back home
It should be obvious to everyone that people should take their own waste back home. Food leftovers should also be taken back down into the valley, as biological degradation in the mountains takes much longer.
Please no: Do not leave your waste behind.

9. Plan ahead
You should choose a tour that suits your abilities and that is suitable for the weather. Please get all the information you need at tourist information or the bike schools and bike hire outlets.
Please no: Do not cycle on your own without a mobile phone.

10. Cool down after a tour
It is of course highly recommended to stop at one of our many bars or Alpine huts at the end of your tour and enjoy a cool beer or refreshing drink.
Please no: Don’t forget culinary pleasure and relaxation.