High wire park - Adventure Park Parco avventura Dobbiaco

Beginners and experienced climbers can demonstrate their skills at the Parco avventura Dobbiaco. Adventurous souls can choose from six different courses:
  • Two “introductory courses” in up to three metres height help visitors familiarise themselves with the material and the safety techniques.
  • The “GREEN” course reaches a height of approx. two metres.
  • The heart of the facility are the “BLUE” and “RED” courses with a total length of 241 metres, reaching heights of approx. four to six metres.
  • If that is still not enough, you can also try the “BLACK” course. This course is eight to ten metres high and offers difficult obstacles, such as the suspended “Buffalo Bill Stirrups”, which require a considerable amount of courage.

The high wire park is interesting not only for adults but for the whole family. The facility is designed with special attention to children and young people from 6 years of age.

Trained safety personnel offers precise initial training, supervises and monitors the application and implementation of the new skills, such as the correct use of carabiner and pulleys, and supports the visitors where appropriate. Everyone can push themselves to their own limits and also stop the tour if they no longer feel secure.


  • High wire park Dobbiaco
  • High wire park Dobbiaco
  • High wire park Dobbiaco
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