Cross-country skiing in South Tyrol – In the heart of the Dolomites

Outdoor freedom in all facets

Imagine experiencing the most enchanting snow adventures in one of the favourite cross-country skiing areas. Cross-country skiing in Italy is collecting more and more success and here in South Tyrol you find the best conditions. We invite you to discover the pleasure of cross-country skiing in the Dolomites, in the wonderful scenery of the largest cross-country skiing carousel in Europe, the Dolomiti NordicSki, with its 8 extraordinary areas and 900 km of tracks. This carousel is synonymous with freedom and fulfilment and you can discover it with a unique ski pass!

For all ages, for all needs
Endless snowy landscapes, perfectly groomed tracks, the sun kisses your face, at your own pace, as you like. Cross-country skiing in the surroundings of Dobbiaco is a precious opportunity for all of you to mix outdoor activities with an inner enrichment among landscapes of rare charm, those of the UNESCO World Heritage. Breathe the fresh and pure air of the mountains deeply while skiing with the classic or skating technique: Your very personal cure-all!

Revitalising for body and soul
In the 3 Zinnen Dolomites area you can experience 200 km of tracks all downloadable with GPS from Braies and the Val Fiscalina valley, passing through Villabassa, Dobbiaco, San Candido and Sesto. And you may also reach the picturesque Val di Landro valley (the view of the Three Peaks is simply amazing), and from there discover Cortina or the splendid Prato Piazza and its charming views. Wherever the tracks lead you, cross-country skiing in South Tyrol in the Dolomites allows you to enjoy the silence and the magic of the unspoilt nature, enriching you with new energy.

Cross-country skiing in Dobbiaco: An excellence
Do not miss cross-country skiing in the Dolomites that offers you a high-quality and all-round ski service. From the perfect tracks grooming, some of which are lighted in the evening as well, to the events (also international), from the ski school to the rental service, cross-country skiing in Dobbiaco with its 120 km of tracks with several difficulty levels is a guarantee for you. You only have to enjoy this unforgettable experience and maybe dream of more demanding adventures, such as the marathons…

Do not miss the Tour de Ski, a yearly international competition, for which Dobbiaco won the hospitality award, the exciting marathon 3 Zinnen Ski-Marathon, and the legendary Gran Fondo Dobbiaco-Cortina.

Nordic Arena – Cross-country skiing centre in Dobbiaco

FIS tracks
Starting point the of the cross-country skiing tracks also perfect for beginners
Amazing: The roof track
The highlight
The FIS-standardised cross-country ski tracks in the stadium and named them after the three Santer sisters Natalie, Saskia and Stephanie who were born and raised in this cradle of cross-country skiing. The Nordic combination athlete Jochen Strobl took his first steps on two skis in his birth’s town. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen also loves to train in Dobbiaco.

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